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  • You own a bar and you'd like more customers
  • You have a bar that has some cool bands, dj's or other entertainment, and you'd like potential customers to know about them
  • You'd like to be seen by a bunch of people that would like to go out tonight but haven't decided where to go
  • You want to promote your bar, but don't feel like paying even a penny to do so
  • You want a fun, dynamic and flexible way to promote your bar
  • You want to utilize our message boards to let people what's going on at your bar
  • You want to post pictures of how cool your bar and your bar patrons are on our photo gallery
  • You want to take advantage of our affiliate traffic program, allowing you to post a link to LGO on your site, and in return, receive FREE banner advertising on our site
Why stay away from
  • You have a private club and you don't want the general public to know about it
  • Your bar is actually more accurately represented by the profile above than the one to the right
  • You're not only the owner, but also the only bartender, and you just don't want to work
  • You firmly believe that you get what you pay for, and you refuse to consider any form of promotion that is free.
    (if this is you, in a few months, we do hope to offer premium services. Everything that is freely available now will always remain free, but we do plan to offer some enhanced services once the site has been built up to levels that will justify these new features)

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